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From President's Desk

It started with a young engr getting his first appointment in Noida when in 1976 urbanization of Noida was approved. The name plate of Engr attracted a few other shias in the township. They got together and started holding Majalis and Iftars. Gradually the number kept increasing and the idea of floating an Anjuman took shape. The Anjuman was created and registered in 1990. One momin allowed use of his house in Sector 22 for holding Majalis, iftar and Namaz e jamaat during Ramdhan. An application was submitted to Noida authority for allotment of land for construction of Masjid and Imambargah. As soon as the land was allotted by Noida authority, the team got together and started collecting funds for payment of Rs 6 lakhs. It was a big amount during those days. Momineen( founder members) took on this herculean task. Visits to various mosques and individuals started. Small amounts kept pouring in through efforts of momineen. Finally the payment was deposited. All the documents of Anjuman were maintained properly.Funds for construction of boundary wall were received. Babool tree in the middle of the plot was ised as a camp. There was no other shade available anywhere. It was a tough job. The foundation of Masjid was laid by Maulana Syed Ali of Kashmiri gate Masjid. Momineen of Noida desrve accolades for their dedication and contribution towards construction of the Mosque. Read More In 2001 the Anjuman ran out of funds for completing the Mosque complex. During this period the managing committee went through many changes. Majalis and Iftars by momineen were started in the Masjid. Ashra e Muharram was also shifted from individual homes to the Masjid. Pesh Imamas were appointed during Ramadhan and Fridays for Namaz e Jamaat. Remaining work of Masjid was completed in 2002 and construction of Imambargah was also completed. The idara was now complete in all respects. Programmes on the occasions of wiladat and shahadat of masoomeen were sponsored by momineen and are continuing. Funds for construction of Ghuslkhana were received and we got it constructed. Regular Pesh Imam was appointed and all the prayers started ba jamaat. Maulana also conducted classes for teaching children. In the intervening period land was allotted to the Anjuman for construction of Mosque and Imambargah at Greater Noida. Construction was taken up with lots of zest and zeal. A beautiful complex has come up at Greater Noida and regular namaz and majalis are held there. This idara has the distinction of being the biggest and most beautiful in the whole of NCR. Contribution of momineen needs special mention. May Allah bless all those who have helped in the construction of these two establishments and those who are supporting the smooth functioning. (Who is who) Current Managing Committee is as under:-
President- Col Badar Abbas Zaidi
Vice President - Mr. Rahat Husain
Gen Secy- Mr. Qumar Abbas
Treasurer- Mr. Nazar Ahmad Zaidi
Joint Secy- Mr. Akhtar Abbas Zaidi
Joint Treasurer- Mr. Sajid Masood(Najmi)
Pesh Imam:- Maulana Syed Ghulam Ali Naqvi

Programs Details

1. Juluse Aashura (10 Moharram) Starts from Chaura modh sector 22 to Imambargah sector 50. Momineen.10 am
2. Majlis/ Mahfil viladate Imame Musa Kazim a.s.(7 safar) Janab Ali Abbas kazami Sb. After Namaze Maghrebain
3. Juluse Arbaeen (chehloom) Imame Husain a.s. (20 safar) Starts from Chaura modh sector 22 to imambargah sector 50. Momineen noida. 10 am
4. Majlis and Tabut Janabe Zainul Aabdin a.s. at residence of Sadiq Ali Khan Sahab Marhum. A 69 sector 22 Noida. (24 Safar ) Wife of Sadiq Ali khan sbmarhum. After Namaze Magrebain
5. Majlis and Tabut Janabe Rasule Khuda and Imam hasan a.s. (28 Safar) janab Qamar haidar sahib. After Namaze Magrebain
Read More 6. Mehfil Viladate Janabe Rasule Khuda s.a.w. and Imame Jafar Sadiq a.s. (17 Rabiuwal) janab Col. Badar abbas. After Namaze Magrebain
7. Majlis Sahadat Janabe Fatima Zehra s.a. (3 jamadiussani) janab Syed maqsood hasan. After Namaze Magraban
8. Mehfil (ladies) viladat Janabe Fatima zehra s.a. (20 jamadiussani) janab Zille Haidar Zaidi. After Namaze Magrebain
9. Mehfil viladat Molaye Kayenat Hazrat Ali a.s. (13 rajab) janab Zafar Mehdi Zaidi. After Namaze Magrebain
10. Mahfil viladat Imam Husain a.s. (3 shaban) janab Ghulam Murtuza Rizvi. After Namaze Magrebain
11. Mahfil viladt Hazrat Abbas a.s. (4 shaban) janab Ali Anwaar Zaidi sahab. After Namaze Magrebain
12. Mahfil viladate Imame Zamana a.t.f.s. (15 shaban) janab Nafis Haidar Zaidi. After Namaze Magrebain
13. Mehfil viladate Imam Hasan a.s. (15 ramzan) janab Syed Maqsood Hasan. After Namaze Magrebain
14. Majlis and Tabut shahadate Hazrat Ali a.s. (19 ramzan) Wife of Janab Sadiq Ali khan sb marhum. A 69 sector 22 Noida. After Namaze Magrebain
15. Majlis and Tabut sahadat Imam Ali a.s. (21 ramzan) momineen noida. (time after namaze fajr). After Namaze Magraban
16. Mehfil Eid-e- Gadeer (18 zilhijja ) After Namaze Magrebain.
17. Khamsa Tehtul Lafz (10 safar to 15 safar) janab Ali Anwaar Zaidi.

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Important Information:

We are updating the records of members in Anjuman Nasirane Ahlebait web site. Kindly share telephone numbers, email ID, present addresses and works. E-mail can be sent at noidaimambargah@gmail.com

We are updating the records of members in Imambargah Noida web site. Kindly share telephone numbers, email ID, present addresses and works. E-mail can be sent at noidaimambargah@gmail.com